Controlled Access to Confidential Data

Controlled Access to Confidential Data

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Your company is likely to handle sensitive data that must be protected from unauthorized users. Failure to control access can lead to a catastrophic compromise of valuable assets. The basic idea behind access control is to act as a shrewd gatekeeper, defining the parameters by which people can handle sensitive materials. However, as organizations evolve and change, the initial methods of handling data may no longer be appropriate or acceptable. This could result in sensitive information being released to uninvolved users within or outside of the company.

Inadequate controls can result in the loss of first-party data including employee and customer details. A breach like this could expose your organization’s information to costly penalties from regulatory authorities and lawsuits. It can also damage your customers’ and clients’ trust.

The management of access is both an administrative as well as a technical process. Getting controlled access to confidential data requires the proper balance of policies, processes, and technologies. They are crucial to ensure that your company adheres to the regulations and standards of industry, maintains business agility as well as maintains client and customer trust.

For instance, you should make sure that your physical security protocols are effective. This requires employees to keep documents, thumb drives, and backups of personal data in locked cabinets, and to inform security personnel of any visitors to your premises. It’s also important to establish the proper « need to be aware » for access to all areas, making sure that employees use two-factor authentication and passwords, examine their privilege lists regularly and promptly remove access rights when they’re no longer required, and then encrypt the data to safeguard it from tampering or reading.

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